Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Aspen Hill

Time: 23:43

I found a good place to park and run on the path in Rock Creek Regional Park when I visit Terrel Hale in Rockville.

The run this morning was not great, as I was stiff and both my right hamstring and left hip flexor got sore very quickly. It was too bad, as the weather was good and it was nice to be on a path in the woods.

Stretching: Terrel helped me with some very active hamstring stretches.

Massage: Massage and ART on hamstrings, adductors, and psoas.


harburgm said...

If you have time I would love to hear about your work with Terrell since I am seriously considering using his services. Thanks!

Owen said...

I have only been working with him for a few sessions, but so far I have liked his work.