Monday, December 8, 2008

2009 Austin Marathon Training Plan

2008 Austin Marathon Start

After my terrible coach Tom McArdle screwed everything up for both Jordan and me in our preparation for the Marine Corps Marathon in October, I had to set my sights on a new goal. Because I can't find another coach, however, I'm going to stick with the same general training plan. It is based on five two-week cycles. Week one will have two mid-week workouts and a long easy run and week two will have one workout and a long hard effort. The fartlek, hill, and track workouts during the week will contribute to both aerobic and anaerobic strength, muscle strength and form but should never take me to the well.

Long Runs
Long Easy:build to 2:20 (140 min.) at recovery pace
Long Hard:build from 10 to 15 miles at MP+ (~5:40 pace) with a warmup and cooldown

Fartlek:4-10 intervals of 2-5 min. with 20-30 min. total volume and short running rest
Track:400-800m intervals w/4-5 mi. volume and short running rest
Hills:200-300m (45-70 sec.) hills

Consistent target of 80-90 miles per week (9-12 miles per day, plus long run)

Marathon Pace Reference
(4:22 for every 10 sec. per mile)

WeekLong RunWorkouts
1 (12/8-12/14)Long Easy: 110 min.0
2 (12/15-12/21)Long Hard: 5-10-31
3 (12/22-12/28)Long Easy: 120 min.2
4 (12/29-1/4)Long Hard: 3-12-31
5 (1/5-1/11)Long Easy: 130 min.2
6 (1/12-1/18)Long Hard: 2.5-15-2.51
7 (1/19-1/25)Long Easy: 140 min.2
8 (1/26-2/1)Long Hard: 2.5-15-2.51
9 (2/2-2/8)Long Easy: 90 min.1-2
10 (2/9-2/15)Austin Marathon0

2009 Austin Marathon Course Map

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Coste said...

you seem to be really torn between liking it long and easy and long and hard, o-face. mmmmmhmmmmm.