Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Belt Line Trail, Toronto

Time: 67:15
Distance: 10 mi.

Snowy Belt Line Trail

Morning run along a bike path in Toronto that ran between the entrance to Allen Road and the Mount Pleasant Cemetery. It was a very cold morning, and I was barely wearing enough with a few long sleeve shirts and running pants. Parts of the path were a bit snow-covered and icy, as well, so I was careful all the way along. Once I got to the cemetery I still needed a bit more time to be close to 10 miles, so I headed into it. Unlike many of the cemeteries I have run in (and been kicked out of), using the paved trails between the groves of gravestones recreationally seemed accepted or even encouraged.

I had a very upbeat mix of Girl Talk and Simian Mobile Disco on to get myself out the door, but once I was going I was quite content with this bit of exploration.

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