Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Year In Review

3015.75 miles

This year was a transition year for my running: the first year that I have done any running without a team, only a few races and no standout performances, and attempting to find out where (competitive) running fits into my life. I ran about 625 miles fewer than last year, averaging just 8.25 miles per day this year. I had a lot more time off, however, and have been very inconsistent about running significant milage since the summer.

I did have a number of great running experiences, though... here are a few highlights: running down a glacier in Alaska, running with Jilane, Meagan and Jordan in the Marine Corps Marathon, racing in the Izumo Ekiden, long runs with the Texas guys in the spring, and one of the only races that I was really happy with, the CVS Downtown 5k.

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