Sunday, March 30, 2008

Capitol 10k

Time: 70:00
Distance: 11 mi.
Course Map

Target: run a conservative race, maybe 31:30?
Race: 31:38 for 3rd, splits: 4:57, 5:11, 5:30, 4:54, 10:24 [mile 5 marker was off] (:51)

The start of the race on Congress Avenue

There were over 15,000 people

I spent a lot of the first half with guys who are 15 and 46

This is a slow course, and it was a slow day, but I put in a decent effort. I was not enthused by the sticky air as I got in my car to head downtown to the race. It was supposidly close to 100% humidity before it started, but as we stood on the line the sky opened up and it started to rain, which was greeted by the cheers of thousands of people getting ready to go.

I went out conservatively, and was a bit behind the leaders at the mile. My goal was to not feel as flat as I had the last two times I raced at the Diploma Dash and the Daisy Run, and given how hilly the first half of this race is I decided that pacing the first half would be a good call. This proved to be true, but I did get into a little bit of a tempo-ing mentality, especially as the race thinned. I caught the guy in 3rd around 4 miles in and soon thereafter it was clear that I wasn't going to catch Bernard, who was ahead of me, and that I wasn't going to get caught. I finished decently well, though, and did feel much better than I have recently--probably a combination of the longer distance, the more conservative race plan, and having tapered a bit. (And yes, the ringer they brought in to win was wearing board shorts.)

The Austin American Statesman has more photos and a recap. The local Fox station also did a segment on the race.

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Jilane Rodgers said...

if the women in the flower outfits had beaten you ... well, i just don't know, buddy.