Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Northwest Loop

Time: 61:00
Distance: 9 mi.
Map (approximate)

Chilly early morning run. I decided to head northwest to look for a new loop, possibly on the hilly Balcones road north of Mount Bonnell. I ended up staying on the east side of Mopac and winding up along part of the Austin Marathon course. Once I hit the upper part of Shoal Creek Rd. I took that back down. That section was fairly nice, and I'm sure that there is a decent loop that could be made out there for a regular run. On the way out I ran by a polling place for today's primary and some woman yelled to me, asking if I was going to vote today. "Yup!"

Normally I would do a workout today but I wasn't sure how my left foot was going to feel. It was a little sore again, but a bit more generally and not as sharp, from my shin all across the top of my foot. This probably indicates that I'm compensating for it a little bit. Probably good to push a workout back one day.

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