Monday, March 3, 2008

Possum Trot XL

Time: 87:00
Distance: 13 mi.

Classic New England weather: 50 degrees and raining. This was actually quite refreshing--I commented to Joe during our run yesterday that I thought we desperately need rain to clear the humidity. To try to make this run a little bit longer I added on by going on the south side of Town Lake and looping around near Barton Springs.

Despite being stiff the first mile or two I was able to get in a groove fairly quickly and was feeling very good clipping along. Unfortunately, the slight soreness from the end of Sunday's run in my left foot started to flare up after about 70 minutes. I stopped a few times to try to adjust my shoes, but to no avail... the soreness just got worse all the way in, so I didn't add on to make it 90 minutes.

I'll try to ice this today... I think it is just a bit of tendonitis. Maybe I tied my flats too tight on Saturday?

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