Sunday, March 23, 2008

Week In Review

Time: 589:00
Distance: 91.5 mi.

A quality and refreshing week of life and training. I'm not killing myself over not getting back much over 90 miles, as I am planning on racing the Capitol 10k next Sunday and am hoping to feel less flat than I did at the Diploma Dash and Daisy 5k races of the last few weeks. I didn't take either of those too seriously, but this should be a more quality effort. Two long drives, though, and back-to-back hard days this weekend have taken a bit of a toll on my legs, though, which are feeling a bit beat at the moment. I will probably try to get in easy efforts on Monday and Tuesday and then do my one workout of the week on Wednesday.

Longer term... maybe I'll do the Oklahoma City Half Marathon?

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