Sunday, March 30, 2008

Week in Review

Time: 404:00
Distance: 62.5 mi.

A decent week leading up to a pretty good race. It felt good to taper, and I felt good in the race. My mile workout was encouraging, as well.

After trying to put together a race plan or find something good to get ready for since the USA Cross Country meet I did manage to get a new plan. After the Capitol 10k, Gilbert got me in touch with the race director of the Oklahoma City Marathon, who offered to fly me up and put me in a hotel for their half marathon on April 27. That will give me time for two-plus weeks of hard training and then a decent taper to really try to run a good and more serious race.

Here's a tentative training outline. I will do one mid-week workout and then a steady long run for the next 3 weeks and then one race-week workout.

Week of March 31: 10 mile steady/tempo run
Week of April 7: 2 x 4 mile tempo
Week of April 14: ~6 x 1 mile repeats (short rest)
Week of April 21: 4 mile tempo, 800s

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