Saturday, February 16, 2008

USA Cross Country Championships

Time: 80:00
Distance: 13 mi.

Well, given that I really didn't know what to expect, I am happy enough. The race itself was a good experience-the loops were definitely more fun than tedious. I wasn't as aggressive as I would've liked in the last 2 laps, but I was fighting off a side stich most of the race (I definitely wasn't hydrated enough). I don't know many of the splits, but I think we were through the first 2k under 6:10, which was about the pace that I thought I might be able to run... that was definitely aggressive, even though we were out the back. I tried to hang with Joe after that but had a hard time. I lost to a guy with grey hair in a Columbia jersey. My total time for 12k was 38:29, which breaks down to 3:12.5/k and 5:08/mi. For more, see full results at

I doubt Tarpy or Gaudette were particularly happy with their races. The Brown guys were up at Dartmouth. And the Texas guys have had a great weekend at the Tyson Invitational, with Jake and Kyle running 4:00, Jacob running 1:47 and the DMR breaking the NCAA (and world) record, running 9:25.

We got in an early shakeout in the morning, as well, down to the water in La Jolla where we got a peak at the seals.

The La Jolla seals

I'm taking a late flight through Las Vegas back to Austin to see Neely and Brian's friend John Welsh (and maybe Brian?) run the Austin Marathon.

Photo courtesy of Madeline

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