Sunday, February 17, 2008

Biking the Austin Marathon (Day Off)

I had a great morning biking all around the Austin Marathon (15-20 miles) watching Neely, Brian and John Welsh run. Neely ran an inspired race, starting off fairly conservatively and then ratcheting it down and picking people off in the second half of the race to finish 6th in 2:24, including one very quick pit stop.

Neely running through Hyde Park with under 5 miles to go

Brian's race may have been more unbelievable, however, as his training pretty much consisted of hanging out, complaining about work, and two long runs. He managed to run (banditing) 2:46 (is that right Brian?).

Hanley and John Welsh on the Congress Ave. bridge

I'm not sure when it would make sense, but I actually want to run a marathon now.

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