Thursday, February 14, 2008

USA XC Preview

Tomorrow morning I'm taking off for the USA Cross Country Championships in San Diego. I think my goals for this race are pretty simple: run hard and really compete in the last 1/3 of the race. Looking at the entrants there are a bunch of guys that it would be nice to beat... but who knows how it will go.

I don't have a great idea what to expect time or place-wise, but my traning has gone fairly well and my fitness (based largely on milage) is good. My long run two weeks ago was 100 steady minutes really dropping down the pace in the last 5 miles to mid-5:30s and I felt comfortable doing it. I also felt very strong and comfortable on a tempo run with the boys a few days before that where we averaged mid-4:50s. Even Tuesday's 1k repeats felt easier than I expected after some off days dealing with the tendonitis in my right knee.

The course map laid over satellite view

The course consists of a simple 2k loop that appears to be just in an open field. Of all the many cross country races I've run I've never been on a looped course, which will add to the experience...

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