Sunday, February 17, 2008

Week In Review

Time: 302:30
Distance: 46 mi.

Well this week somewhat concluded this "season" or probably more accurately the "build up" to the Spring. The US XC race actually made me a bit nostalgic, as I feel that the end of my serious running (as I've known it) really is near. I'm nostalgic for the belief that I really could accomplish almost anything I set my mind to in running. Even if my thoughts were unrealistic (and I knew it) they were just in the back of my mind, which was comforting. That being said, I'm also losing the feeling of jealousy that I have sometimes gotten for other people's athletic accomplishments. I think these feelings will be more settled when I figure out what I'm doing after graduation (which will hopefully be soon). Neely's race really psyched me up, too.

I need to set a spring racing schedule soon that will be fun and give me something to focus on. For the next week I think I am going to get mileage back up and do a long workout. I tend to enjoy competing more the more often I do it.

Also, my knee problem seems to be better, so I should be able to build back to some real training during the next two weeks.

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