Tuesday, February 5, 2008

RunTex Team

Sign above RunTex Riverside near Town Lake

I'm happy to finally be able to say that the RunTex's (the running store that I've been working at part time since I've been in Austin) post-collegiate team is (slowly) picking up steam. The details are undecided and up in the air, but the ultimate goal is to support and produce regional and national caliber athletes in Austin. For the moment, the team consists of 2007 UT graduate Joe Thorne and me, but I would forecast a lot of change as the program hopefully develops in the next 6 months. At the moment the arrangement is informal as we work to develop a workable long-term plan for a program.

What I am now sure of is that we will be making our "team" debut at the USA Cross Country Championships in San Diego, CA on February 16th, which I am getting very excited about. The only other detail I have for the moment is that I think we'll be in some slick all black uniforms that will look something like this:

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