Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Ouch! My Leg!

Time: 15:00
Distance: 2 mi.

I got about 8 minutes out with Joe running from his house and turned around. My knee is quite sore after yesterday. Resting it today and will take tomorrow off as well... commence ice and ibuprofen as I acknowledge that this is really an issue.

Brian and I wanted to start a running injury wiki. We got pretty much as far as the name: Ouch! My Leg!

I should be bowling more to keep up that part of my log. I am reinvigorated by this article, that Colin sent me:

Gilbert Arenas: Washington Wizards guard. Bowled in leagues in Los Angeles as a teen. Still bowls throughout the summer months. Claims a high game of 277. Owns three balls - two 16 lb. balls and a 14 lb. translucent ball with a boxing glove in it. "When I bowl I have special bowling names. They call me Black Fever and Hurricane. My favorite nickname is People's Champ, which is why I have a bowling ball with a boxing glove inside," he says.
That is amazing.

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