Thursday, April 3, 2008

Bridle Path

Time: 70:00
Distance: 10 mi.

I had to start this run fairly slow because my right hamstring and hip flexors were very tight. They loosened up some, but I was a bit sore most of the way. I wanted to make a loop on Scenic that was shorter than the loop with Town Lake, so I headed east on Bridle Path and finished up Hartford to Jefferson. It was only 70 minutes, but by the end I was feeling a little shot so I called it quits and will do an easy double this afternoon.

Update: Well I didn't do a double, but I did watch some more of the Texas Relays. The highlight so far? Nope, not the guys breaking the school 4 x 800m record. Erik keeping his 'stache for his 800 on Wednesday:

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