Thursday, April 17, 2008

IF Long Intervals

Time: 82:00
Distance: 13 mi.

Target: alternating 1 miles and 2 miles, 3 x 1 mile and 2 x 2 mile; 1 miles in 5:00 w/2:00 rest, 2 miles in 10:30 w/3:00 rest
Workout: 5:06, 10:20, 4:59, 10:22, 4:58

Morning workout on this loop around IF. I felt fairly good, though the humidity started to get to me in the second half of the workout. I was able to stay focused throughout the workout, but I haven't run that hard in a few weeks. My legs felt good, but I will definitely be sore tomorrow. This is the last hard effort before the OKC Half a week from Sunday.

The loop appears to actually be about 40 meters long, according to the GMap Pedometer at least, which would mean that each mile was ~8 seconds long. That would be dandy.

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