Thursday, July 24, 2008

5 Mile Tempo

Time: 63:30
Distance: 10 mi.

Target: 5 mile tempo under 5:30 pace (27:00)
Workout: a very approximate 5 miles in 27:13

I chose to do the tempo on a 1.6 mile road loop that goes around the UMass football field. Three laps would be 4.8 miles and then I could add on about 60 seconds for the last 0.2 mi. Close enough for my needs these days. I measured the loop only to find that since these satellite pictures have been taken UMass put in a new track on the northeast corner and the loop has changed somewhat. It is not easy to say exactly how much but it seems at least a little bit longer, so I don't have a great way to judge this effort. In addition, there was a tree across the road in one part that I had to run around, adding ~4 seconds? each loop.

Whatever... it was a good longish effort in the pouring rain. I was going to double, but being soaked led to some chafing issues that should be rested.

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