Sunday, July 13, 2008

Week of July 7 - July 13

Time: 186:45
Distance: 27.5 mi.

Brian and Owen Hanley descending along a creek bed

My second week in Alaska did not net much more running than the first. I got just one run in when we were in Fairbanks, but it was both mentally and physically refreshing. Brian and I ran about 10 miles (67:30) on some cross country ski trails which were also used for high school cross country running races in Fairbanks. I was feeling pretty tired and facing a 1:00 AM redeye flight out, but Brian got me out the door and before too long we were nearly racing through a nice warm day which quickly turned into cold Alaska summer rain.

While in Alaska I did get in another good week of exercise, though, including very active (sometimes running and sliding on snowfields, sometimes climbing rocks hand-over-foot) two and a half and three and a half hour hikes. Hiking with people who are very fit--I was with Brian, Ian and Brian's brother Owen, who was until recently a professional cross country skiier--makes excursions very fun.

Once I got back to Amherst late on Friday I fought through the jetlag to get in two weekend runs to prepare for my resumption of "real" training next week. On Saturday, Taylor and I went for a 7 mile run (49:35) in the afternoon mostly on the trails in Echo Hill. I was dragging heading out the door, but felt okay once we got going. I was pretty tired on my Sunday morning run, as well, but I got in 10.5 miles on the bike path / farm loop (69:51) which included a dip in the Mill River and finishing the last mile under 6:00.

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