Saturday, July 19, 2008

Let's Get Dangerous

Time: 40:00
Distance: 6.5 mi.

Target: 5 mile tempo in 5:30s or faster; don't lose to any women (pretty awesome, huh?)
Race/workout: 5:33, 5:30, 5:26, 5:28, 4:59 (26:56)

I went down to DC for the weekend and on Saturday evening headed out to the Rockville Twilight 8k near the Stern's house. I--as Darkwing Duck--ran the first few miles with Ben "Sir Quackley McDuck" Stern and then kept on the pace as he dropped back a bit. I didn't really prepare for this mentally or physically, illustrated by the 12ish minute warmup with the whole Duckberg All-Stars team, lack of any stretching, and starting a few rows back. I had stomach issues from about 1/2 mile into the effort and got blisters about half way through the race, but overall it was probably good to do this. Also, they had very nice complimentary refreshments afterwards.

I finished in 25th and while crossing the line after the first woman but (because the times are listed as chip times, rather than gun times) I beat her in the results.

6. 159:09 DUCKBURG ALL-STARS (31:50)
1 26:56 Darkwing Duck M 23
2 28:50 Sir Quackly McDuck M 23 (Ben Stern)
3 33:22 Dewey Duck F 23 (Jilane Rodgers)
4 34:17 Flintheart Glomgold M 23 (Christian Tabib)
5 35:44 Miss Emily Quackfaste F 23 (Kelly Powell)

Results and more are over at RunWashington. More on Darkwing Duck at Wikipedia and YouTube.

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