Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Amherst College Hills

Time: 54:00 
Distance: 8.25 mi.

Target: 8-12 relatively short intervals with 100% jogging rest
Workout: 8 x 325m(?) hills with consistent effort and keeping the jog at a decent tempo; ran 73 (85), 72 (83), 71 (88), 75 (87), 72 (86), 73 (88), 73 (87), 69

I'm trying to get back into a harder effort / workout schedule, which means shorter faster efforts (exaggerated strides, at this point) on Tuesdays and hopefully steady state runs on Fridays or Saturdays. I started out the door thinking I was going to do something like a 30/30 (30 sec hard, 30 sec easy) fartlek. When I was getting close to starting and approached the hill near the Amherst College trails just off South East Street, I decided to give myself some sort of tangible goal and do some hill repeats.

The hill starts flat, gets steep, then gets flat again, which I knew from running it during distance runs many times. I had no idea how far it would be, but after running the first hill in 73 sec., I decided to try to keep them all under 75 with no more than 90 seconds for the downhill. I was hurting pretty quickly but got through it, despite not recovering very quickly. I need base base base.

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