Sunday, January 20, 2008

Good Water Trail, Lake Georgetown

Time: 140:00
Distance: 18.5 mi.

For a chance of pace (literally, it turned out), Brian, Joe, Dave and I headed up to Lake Georgetown in Georgetown, TX. We found the start of the "Good Water Trail" that runs 26 miles around the lake and started out. We immediately realized that while these trails are somewhat similar to the Greenbelt, as we heard, it mostly resembled the rockiest and most twisted sections. There were mile markers on the trail and we were splitting 8+ minute pace, which seemed reasonable. We went out-and-back and got back to the car at 104 minutes (12.5 miles?). We then ratcheted it down for about 6 miles at close to 6 minute pace on the nearby roads and across the dam to get in the right distance and a good effort while tired.

I'm not sure I'd head out to this section of the trail again, but it was great to go exploring with the guys.

On an unrelated note, articles like this, while basically true, will convince a bunch of people to replace a run with standing on one leg. Great.

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