Friday, January 18, 2008

Track, Possum Trot

Time: 89:00
Distance: 13.5 mi.

We were originally going to do a tempo today, but it was cold and wet so Vig pushed it to tomorrow. I didn't really care, as I prefer to work out early in the day, but it would've been nice to get it over with (because, you know, I hate running and think that it is something you should just want to get through, ahem). I started with 20 minutes on the track waiting for the guys to get ready and so that I hopefully wouldn't have to add on at the end. That seemed to work out pretty well, as they were shooting for 70 minutes. Headed down to Town Lake and over to the Possum Trot, which we ended up messing up a little bit. It was pretty cold coming back north into the wind, but not too bad. I'm tired from a bad night of sleep last night, but at least feel like I have somewhat of a schedule that will continue for the spring, and I'm happy about that. Workout tomorrow AM.

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