Monday, January 7, 2008

Santa Ana River Bike Path

Time: 90:00
Distance: 14.5 mi.

Target: 45 minutes out, steady sub-6 minute pace for 6+ miles.
Workout: 5:40, 5:34, 5:40, 5:39, 5:31, 5:36, 5:30 (5:35 avg)

Jilane took me over to the Santa Ana River Bike Path for a flat out-and-back run. Once I started to head out and saw the 1/2 mile markers, I got to thinking... when am I going to work out this week? Sooo... I decided to make it a steady/tempo run and try to roll out a bit once I turned around. The first half was around 6:30s and I didn't really know what to expect on how I would feel on the way back. Overall I was happy with it as I felt controlled pretty much the whole way. I didn't feel great, but my cold is lingering.

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