Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Time: 60:45
Distance: 9 mi.

Target: 4 x 800m near 5k race pace (2:25 down to 2:20), 3-4 min jogging rest (~600m)
Workout: 2:24.0, 2:20.1, 2:21.4, 2:15.9

I was thinking of doing 6 x 400 in 68 here, but Tom suggested that I do some more "race pace" work to try to turn the legs over and feel comfortable there. The ARHS track was nearly deserted when I got there and empty by the time I left. After being all over the place and feeling unsettled on the first one (38, 76, 68) I decided to forget the watch (meaning no splits) and just concentrate on running this relatively easy pace smoothly. I hit it right on and didn't look at my watch for the rest of the workout. I figured the last one would be a little bit fast, but I was feeling very good covering ground.

Downtown Amherst at night

The sun was almost completely down as I started my first interval, and by the last one I could barely see the start and finish lines. I warmed up in Wildwood Cemetery and cooled down through town and Amherst College.

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