Sunday, September 7, 2008

JCCRI Road Race

Time: 98:00
Distance: 15.5 mi.

Target: prepare for Downtown 5k in two weeks, finish feeling strong and not dead (4:50s and hold on?)
Race: 15:24 for 3rd; 4:58.2, 4:54.9, 5:01.2; finished feeling too comfortable

Having done almost nothing around or just under 5:00 pace, I was very hesitant from the beginning to take any initiative on the pace, and the result was going through fairly slow in 4:58. In the end this was fine for me, but four of us settled in at that pace until 3/4 mile to go where Ari and Moulton (who took 3rd in yesterday's Ollie race) dropped the pace a bit, probably running under 4:50 for the last mile. Once they dropped me heading up Elmgrove I packed it in a bit. Ari managed to put it down and take the "W", which was well-executed. Also of note: this is the first (and probably last?) road race that I've ever been to that started with both the Israeli and American national anthems. Clearly Ari had the advantage from the get-go.

After the race I was still trying to get some decent volume, so Graddy, Ari and I did a loop south to Hope St. and then Ari and I ran out towards St. Rays for a bit. I recovered very well and didn't even really feel like I had raced during that. This is the best that I have felt running anything in at least two weeks.

Place Div/Tot Name Ag S City Stat Time Pace
===== ======== =================== == = =============== ==== ======= =====
1 1/20 ZAMIR ARI 22 M CAMBRIDGE MA 15:11 4:54
3 3/20 WASHBURN OWEN 24 M AMHERST MA 15:24 4:58
4 4/20 LONERGAN ERIC 22 M N KINGSTOWN RI 15:41 5:03
5 5/20 HAMEL NEIL 23 M BOSTON MA 16:17 5:15

More: race site, full results.

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