Saturday, September 13, 2008

Two Miles

Time: 68:44
Distance: 10 mi.

Target: 2 mile time trial, 9:20-30
Workout: 9:20.7 (2:18, 2:22, 2:21, 2:19)

I drove up to Hanover, NH early in the morning to bang out one last really solid race-prep effort for next weekend's CVS Downtown 5k. We were both planning to come up to watch the Dartmouth Invitational XC race so working together for a good hard effort made sense. After warming up from Dartmouth's track, where we were planning to run, football practice was just beginning so with some quick navigating we made it over to the Hanover High School track down the street. Without much time before the race started, we got going after a few strides... I had no patience for Ari's "warmup drills" or "stretching."

I suggested that we alternate 800s as long as we could run together. After sassing me about my ability to run 2:20s, Ari agreed. He then promptly fell off in the first 200 meters (which was a little fast) and didn't help me with the pace the entire way. I felt surprisingly good and was relatively comfortable through the first 1.5 miles. Ari trailed me by 5 seconds for the entire thing, and finished in 9:25. I think I'll probably smoke him next weekend.

We made it over to the Hanover Country Club for the start of the race and ran around on the golf course and the trails to see the guys run. Brown held out most of the top guys, giving the new freshmen a first go at 8k and it looked like it was a positive experience across the board. has a recap. Also, check out the end of the results to note the efforts of the Dartmouth Alumni Team, who, if scored correctly, would have beaten Central Connecticut State.

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