Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Georgetown Branch Trail / Capital Crescent Trail Fartlek

Time: 88:30
Distance: 14 mi.

Workout: 2 x 5:00, 2 x 4:00, 2 x 3:00 with half rest; shooting for sub-tempo (5:00?) pace

I decided to explore the north side of the Capital Crescent Trail, which is actually (for the moment?) called the Georgetown Branch Trail (named after the railway line which used to pass along this area) for the first few miles. The beginning is located just north of Rock Creek Park in Silver Spring, Maryland. For some reason the mile markers begin at 0.3, but I went a little ways beyond the 7 mile mark, near the Potomac and just before the Capital Crescent Trail meets up with the Chesapeake and Ohio Towpath.

Start of the Georgetown Branch Trail (and eventual Capital Crescent Trail) in Silver Spring, MD

Running out I got down to about 6:15 pace and was feeling fairly good despite it being a chilly day. Changing gears to 5:00 pace was a bit of a challenge, though and I ran about 5:10 pace for the two 5:00 intervals, and probably something similar for the 4:00 intervals. By the 3:00 sections I got down to 5:00 pace (judged by the half mile markers). I didn't feel fantastic, but given the that I have done very little anaerobic running, I was happy just to work through it. I did have to stop to lose my thick running shirt, which seems to be too much if I'm doing a hard effort regardless of how cold it is outside.

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