Sunday, January 18, 2009

Week In Review

Time: 515:45
Distance: 77.75 mi.

Fairly good week of training in my first full week back in DC. I got all my milage in 6 runs in 6 days and am feeling very comfortable running 80-90 minutes on a daily basis. My legs feel a little beat, but my shoes are well over 500 miles so getting some new ones this week should help with that. It is really nice to have Jon Rosen in town to get some runs in with, and I will consider running some with the Georgetown Running Company guys.

Next week will be down somewhat milage-wise as my long effort is going to be the Manhattan Half Marathon and I will likely not run on inauguration day. My goal for the race will be to go through the motions of a long distance race (warmup, gu/water, conservative race plan) and I am going to try to start off, at least, just at marathon pace. I will try to get in a hill/fartlek workout on Wednesday or Thursday and maybe do a medium long (15) mile run on the other day.

Four weeks to Austin.

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