Friday, January 16, 2009

If you must venture outdoors...

Time: 88:00 (?)
Distance: 12.75 mi.
Map (approximate)

Today's National Weather Service wind-chill advisory states, "If you must venture outdoors, make sure to wear a hat and gloves." Well, I decided that two pairs of gloves were probably in order as the temperature was 12 deg. F, feels like -1 deg. F as I was heading out the door. Despite my being bundled up, I was pretty cold and honestly, a bit miserable, throughout the run. My legs felt stiff the whole way, my face was frozen, and my left sesamoid was sore by the end.

I was happy to find a good loop through the Archibald and Glover trails, the Chesapeake and Ohio towpath and back through Rock Creek Park, though, which could become a regular jaunt.

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