Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Les Miserables

Time: 61:30
Distance: 9 mi.

If I had to describe this run with the title of a famous Broadway play, it would be Les Miserables. Taking yesterday off was a tactical error. The weather continued to degenerate over the last 36 hours from light snow to sleet, ice slush, and freezing rain. After putting this run off all day hoping for at least the ice that was all over the streets, sidewalks and trails would melt I headed out the door just before sunset. The sunset itself that I saw near Military Road in RCP was the saving grace of this run, which was totally unexpected given the freezing rain that was falling as I headed out the door. My out-and-back run went through the roads of Rock Creek Park up to Oregon Road for a bit and then straight back. I had to put up with some obnoxious drivers who didn't like the fact that I was running on the road rather than the icy and uncleared sidewalks.


Tarpy said...

I almost never describe my runs using Broadway titles but if I did a whole lot of runs would be Cats.

Owen said...

For a while mine would have been The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas, but alas... no longer.