Friday, January 23, 2009

Rock Creek Regional Park

Time: 80:30
Distance: 12 mi.

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Well, the weather is finally cooperating for a few days--it was about 50 degrees and I headed out this afternoon in a t-shirt and shorts. I ran just outside the Beltway through what I believe is called the "Rock Creek Regional Park." The bike path through this area continues from the top of Rock Creek Park along Beach Drive through Chevy Chase, MD and farther north. I started at the intersection of Cedar Lane and Beach Drive in Chevy Chase and did a simple out-and-back run on the winding and somewhat hilly bike path. There are a smattering of distance markers along the way, though none of them seemed to form a coherent measure for the trail.

Clown shoes?

I also finally started running in a new pair of kicks, courtesy of the OK Runner. The Nike LunarTrainer is essentially a beefed up Free with a new "LunarLite" midsole that is supposedly more durable and distributes weight more evenly across the bottom of the foot. I like that the upper is wide and flexible and that it has a wide midsole base. Weighing at under 9 oz (25% lighter than the Nike Elite 3s I have been running in), it might just be a trainer for the next month as well as my marathon race day shoe. Unfortunately, the shoes aren't miracle workers, as my legs felt pretty dead today, and my left sesamoid was a little sore.


Coste said...

Whoa, say hello to 5411 13th Street NW while you're out there. You're getting very close to my old summer residence there...

Tarpy said...

what is sesamoid?

Owen said...

sesamoids are small bones that are inside of tendons. the most common running-related sesamoid problems (which i have had on-and-off problems with since high school) are in the sesamoids on the ball of the first metatarsal. because of my foot strike it is fairly easy for me to get tendonitis in there.