Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Half Miles

Time: 77:00
Distance: 12 mi.

Target: 8 x 800m in 2:30 with 200m rest in ~60 - 5 miles total
Workout: 2:30.7 (58), 2:31.3 (62), 2:28.6 (61), 2:30.2 (58), 2:30.8 (65), 2:28.5 (68), 2:28.5 (62), 2:27.2 (56) - 28:06; 2 x 200m untimed

Decent workout for the first time I've been below tempo pace in a long time. I headed down to the Amherst Regional High School track to relive the memories. My legs felt pretty uncomfortable from the beginning which I attribute somewhat to running on dead shoes, but I did recover aerobically fairly quickly. I settled in somewhat, but had to get back in the mindset of doing intervals, focusing through each one, taking one at a time, etc. I threw on two 200s at the end just to try to clean out my legs.

I did finally got a new pair of Nike Elite 4s which I finagled for less than cost a

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