Sunday, August 10, 2008

Shutesbury Hills

Time: 130:44
Distance: 20 mi.

Long run from Atkins Reservoir up into Shutesbury. To get in over two hours with a lot of soft surfaces I did two ~8.5 mile loops on Sand Hill, Pelham Hill and Pratt Corner roads with a connector to where I started of less than a mile. For this 20 miler there were less than 8 miles on pavement, the rest is on nice (but hilly) dirt roads. I got back to my starting point at 124 minutes and added on about six minutes on the road near the reservoir.

Overall I felt fairly good, and was also able to take water at around 30 minutes and water along with some GU at close to 90 minutes. I took both easier than I thought, but fought off a bit of a side cramp as a result in the last 30 minutes. Aerobically I was feeling fine, but my legs were pretty dead by the end. I am badly in need of some new shoes, which are supposedly in the mail.

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