Sunday, August 17, 2008

Week in Review

Time: 522:30
Distance: 78 mi.

Overall a very good week of training. The mid-week workout was tough, but it will take a few efforts like that to get used to it. Hopefully next time I'm on the track I'll feel better. I was very happy with the long and hard effort, as I don't think it will take too much more out of me to get up to 12-14 miles at that pace in the next month.

Olympic track started this week and has been exciting. I was very happy to see Leo make it through the first round, though I'm sure he wasn't too happy with his DFL finish in the second round. Anna also cruised into the final and I was able to watch her race live, which was fun. The men's steeple and 10k did not disappoint. Hopefully videos of these will be online soon.

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