Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Morris Williams 1ks, Track 300s

Time: 95:00
Distance: 15 mi.

Target: 9 x 1k in 3:00-3:05 with 60 sec rest; 6 x 300m in 50 sec. with 100m rest in 25 sec. (7:30 for 1.5 mi.)
Workout: First in 3:09, middle 7 were 3:01-3:03, last was 2:57; 300s in 49-51, 7:29 total

Very good day... just the right effort and we were running together well. The 1ks were all very under control, and after the first few we settled in and found a good rhythm (I've gotten pretty good at getting us right on it and took control in the third one). Had no problem recovering in 60 sec... legs felt a little dead, though, still probably a result of going hard on the hills on Sunday. The 300s on the track were also under control, and we were together well. Legs (esp. calves) pretty tight by the end... we were in flats for the 1ks and spikes for the 300s.

Myers Stadium

I very much like finishing up with the 300s on the track... keep the legs from getting the lethargic feeling I sometimes get after tempos and longer interval workouts.

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