Friday, October 5, 2007

Zilker 4ks

Time: 90:00
Distance: 14 mi.

Target: 2 x 4k in 12:10 and under 12:00, with 4 min. rest.
Workout: 12:05, 12:00.

Something of an 8k "simulation," which I think was very well-placed with our first real race being a bit later than most teams, next week. Physically felt very good throughout with the exception of some mild stomach issues on both, and calf tightness on the second when I put on spikes for the first time for anything long. Hamstring was tight on the warmup and a bit on the cooldown, but not bad on the intervals. I expect it and my calves to be pretty sore tomorrow.

Stanley, Kyle and I were together for the whole thing, Darren dropped off a little bit on the second one (but looked good), and Habben was a bit off on both. Leo was doing a boatload of 400s and Jake took the workout off. I think Vig was looking for something a little faster on the second 4k (11:50?) which would've been very doable, but for whatever reason we just settled in and didn't go to the well at all. He seemed happy with us being fairly comfortable in the end. It was moderately cool (low-70s) but humid anyway. The workout was on the same 800m loop we ran on Tuesday, which meant for a moderate hill every lap.

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