Saturday, December 22, 2007

BU Mini Meet #2

Time: 77:00
Distance: 11.5 mi.

Goal: 3k - get a good race effort in without focusing on time (but seeded myself at 8:20)
Race: 2nd in 8:25

An okay racing experience all things considered. I would've liked to have been under 8:20, but the pace was a little bit all over the place... we were 2:12 and 2:18 for the first 2 800s (Hanley dropped out at about 1400m) and then I led until about 600m to go when Mark Miller (of Mohawk High School fame) took the lead and ran away from me. I wasn't very focused and didn't go to the well to go after him.

I wasn't really mentally ready to go after it and was out a bit late last night, but still a better start than last year. Got in a nice long run afterwards with Ian and Brian around Fenway and down Comm Ave.

Mixed 3000 Meter Run
Name Finals
Section 1
1 Mark Miller 8:21.06
2 Owen Washburn 8:25.73
3 Jed Christiansen 8:33.46
4 Chuck Woolery 8:37.67
5 Adny Mccarron 8:40.89
5 Steve Meinelt 8:42.33
7 Harry Norton 8:47.43
Full results here.

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