Saturday, December 15, 2007

Rub Some Dirt On It

Time: 110:30
Distance: 15.5 mi.

Ran from 0.0 with Hanley and Burnham out onto the Greenbelt. Feeling pretty stiff and a bit sore from yesterday's workout so going to the Greenbelt was nice where we could just roll along and not worry about pace. Not 30 seconds after we turned around I took a dive on some mud-slick rocks and landed HARD on my right kneecap. After a good bout of loud swearing and hobbling around we started running again and it loosened up as the adrenaline kicked in. Ran into Wetzel on the way back and finished up with Hanley and him a little loop downtown after dropping Dave off at the cars.

Knee was tight and sore afterward, but I rubbed some dirt on it (put some ice on it) and used it as a good excuse to sit on my ass all day.

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