Monday, December 17, 2007

Tour de Amherst

Time: 92:30
Distance: 13 mi.

Town of Amherst plows were hard at work this morning

Ran from 91 Woodlot north through the main part of UMass and the center of Amherst. There is snow on the road and sidewalks pretty much everywhere, so it was slow going and uneven most of the way. The Station Road mile was 6:45 downhill and on well packed snow and that was almost definitely the fastest mile that I ran... was hopping across the street and on-and-off snowy sidewalks a lot of the way, so despite the pace being slow the effort was decent and my legs were pretty well worked by the time that I got done. When I left it was 14 degrees and when I got back it was 20. Nice.

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