Monday, December 10, 2007

Week In Review

Time: 515:00
Distance: 70.5 mi.

Overall a good week of training to start to get the volume back up. I only ran 6 days, but doubled twice, for 8 total runs. It has been fun running with Hanley more, and I'm really glad that he is starting to take running more seriously again. Body hasn't felt sharp, but feeling less beat up as the week went along and there were no hard efforts.

I'm starting to think about the future somewhat for training and racing. In the four weeks I would like to run somewhere in the ballpark of 90, 100+, 110, 110 miles. The intensity will be pretty low, and as school finishes up it will be a good time to bump it up. Travel, bad weather in New England and whatever else could mess this up, but it's a plan. I'll try to get some workouts from Vig for the break before I take off next weekend.

I've also started looking at the races I want to focus on for 2008. This is very tentative, but I want to start to think big picture a little bit. I think it should be something like this depending on ability to get in, funding, and how things are going:

12/22 or 12/29BU Mini Meet #2 or #3Boston, MA3k/5k (just to get one race under my belt)
1/6OC Half MarathonThe OC, CA1/2 M  (if Jordan runs it)
2/8BU Valentine InvitationalBoston, MA5k
2/15Tyson InvitationalFayetteville, AR5k (only if I am serious about USAs)
2/23USA IndoorBoston, MA3k (last year's qualifying times: 8:03 3k or 14:07 5k)

3/22UT InvitationalAustin, TX1500/3k
4/5Texas RelaysAustin, TX(if I need a race and can't travel)
4/5Stanford InvitationalPalo Alto, CA5k/10k
4/19Texas TwilightAustin, TX1500/3k
4/26Penn RelaysPhiladelphia, PA10k
5/4Payton Jordan Cardinal Invit.Palo Alto, CA5k/10k

Also, I have about 225 miles on my current shoes. It would be good to grab a pair before I take off for winter break.

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