Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Bike Path, AC Track, Amherst Center

Time: 82:51
Distance: 12.5 mi.

Target: light track work, something like 8 x 200m in ~33s
Workout: 3 x 200m, 2 x 400m, 3 x 200m; 34.0, 33.4, 33.5, 68.0, 67.5, 33.9, 32.6, 31.8

I ran over to the Amherst College track on the bike path with John Tyson who then headed on his run. I did this run more to break up the monotony of my training more than anything else, but it will be good to get used to some faster running again as well. I was just generally shooting for turning my legs over but after three 200s which felt as fast as I could comfortably go but not as far as I could go, I decided to mix it up. My legs were very much not ready for this, but this is how it starts I suppose. Particular tightness in my right hamstring, hip, and lower back.

The "cool down" was through town and past the high school and then to Stanley Street, Wentworth Farm and Old Farm Road. The water in the river near Stanley Street was higher than I have ever seen it, covering all of the beach and getting relatively close to the bridge. I couldn't help but jump in.

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