Thursday, June 26, 2008

Moody Bridge, Bay Road, 116

Time: 93:30
Distance: 14 mi.

Cows at a farm along Bay Road

Solo morning run from the house. I started out heading towards Moody Bridge Road, not knowing where I might end up but not particularly enthused about the prospect of running for 90+ minutes. Of course, once I got out there there was nothing I would really prefer to be doing, except towards the end when my legs got very stiff and tired. Instead of making this an out-and-back to the end of Moody Bridge, I turned left on Bay Road and made a loop up around Hampshire College and 116. I finished going Potwine to Middle Street and South East Street and Station Road.

An ice bath would've been nice after this... my legs, right hip, and lower back are all quite sore.

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