Friday, June 20, 2008

Holyoke Range, Rosen Loop

Time: 63:11
Distance: 9.5 mi.

Trail in the Holyoke Range State Park

I started in the entrance to the Holyoke Range trails near Atkins and ran on the trails there for about 30 minutes before coming out the entrance on Bay Rd. From there I connected with the Belchertown half of the Rosen loop to get home. I turned onto the southern extension of the Bike Path and was accosted by horse flies! That led to about a 5:30 mile to get out of the woods up to Station Rd. and I clipped in the last mile in 6:05 feeling fairly good. I have no idea what my pace was like in the hilly trails of the first half of the run, but it couldn't have been too fast.

I do have some lingering pain and soreness in my right piriformis and occasionally my right patella. They are probably related, so I should start working on the piriformis a bit.

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