Thursday, June 19, 2008

North Amherst, Amethyst Brook

Time: 70:16
Distance: 10 mi.

Ian, John and I met Coach Gould at the high school in the afternoon for a run in North Amherst. We headed out on the Juravich trails, and some UMass trails out to Amethyst Brook, and then back on a section of the Robert Frost trail and Northeast Street. I felt pretty good and it was nice to catch up with Gould.


JoKin said...

here is a good thread that i think you can use:

thank me later.

Owen said...

naw, i need personal attention from a coach who can tell me what a clown i am on a regular basis.

JoKin said...

i think i can help with that. this coach has no shame in telling that you are terrible or calling you a "muppet."