Friday, September 28, 2007

6 Mile Tempo, 300s

Time: 100:00
Distance: 15 mi.

Target: 6 mile tempo on Town Lake in ~5:20 pace; 6 x 300m (50 sec) with 100m rest (25 sec)
Workout: 32:10 (5:22); 6 x 300m all in ~49.5

Overall a good workout, but not feeling quite as good as I wanted to. Having a bit of a hard time breathing on the tempo and some mild stomach issues. We got out very slow (5:45) due to some miscommunications, but we were able to get back on it. Felt good on the 300s back on the track, and it was good to get in spikes for pretty much the first time. It was pretty humid and I was feeling it. Erik, Jake, Habben, Kyle and I ran as a really good pack, though.

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