Sunday, September 2, 2007

Long Town Lake

Time: 123:28
Distance: 20 mi.

The 1-mile bridge on Town Lake

First long run back with the team, and the Texas XC long run is something to get used to. Started out easy, but within a few miles we were running close to 6:00 pace. Hit 10 miles out in ~64:50 and thus made it back just under an hour. The two hour group was Stanley, Darren, Kyle, Jake and freshman Rob Wetzel. Supposed to really run the last 4 miles, and we were 5:57, 6:00, 5:49, 5:45. Overall felt okay, but was pretty beat by the end. No workout stomach, which was nice as it usually comes up on the first few runs like this. Some back/hips/hamstring tightness, particularly on the left side.

Incidentally, Town Lake is now officially called Lady Bird Lake, but I'm sure no one will call it that for a while...

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