Sunday, September 30, 2007

Bastrop State Park

Time: 120:00
Distance: 17.5 mi.

Went out to Bastrop State Park for a change of pace. A few of us went to Kyle's ranch nearby for the night before, which was fun... very Texas, which I really haven't seen from the confines of Austin. Had a pretty big group going 90 and then a few of us tacked on another 30.

The trail was very nice almost everywhere... soft and sandy most of the way, with a few rockier sections. Weren't able to bang it out as it was mostly single file, windy and hilly, which is exactly what Vig wanted. The sand is the right soil for pitch pines which gave the area a very Cape Cod or Goddard Park near-the-ocean look, which I liked. It almost feels like fall... except that it's 90+ and humid.

The cold still lingers somewhat, but seemed somewhat better. Right glute/hip continues to be sore.

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