Sunday, September 23, 2007

Mt. Bonnell, Scenic, Stratford

Time: 120:00
Distance: 19.5 mi.

Middle of Stratford hills (via Vig's phone)

Back to the hills. Ran this harder than a few weeks ago, which it was time to do. Good pace through Mt. Bonnell, Scenic and Stratford and picked it up to finish Town Lake to the I-35 bridge, Trinity and with ~2 miles on the track. Pace for the end ranged from 5:35-6:00 (faster on Town Lake and the track than on Trinity). Didn't feel fantastic (a bit tired), but very controlled despite the decent pace. Rob Wetzel, one of the freshmen who seems like he has a lot of potential and a good head on his shoulders, made it the whole way with us which was good to see.

Starting to feel some head cold symptoms... rest and hydrate.

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