Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Town Lake, Greenbelt

Time: 101:00
Distance: 15 mi.

Cliffs lining the Greenbelt trail

First mid-week medium-long run morning practice at the Greenbelt of the season. Jake had the idea of starting with a loop of Town Lake, which was okay, though we didn't get quite as far on the Greenbelt. Once we did get on it though we ended up on a section of the trail with a great view over most of the ground we covered, which I hadn't been on before. Legs not feeling great... 6:30s on Town Lake felt a bit faster, and finishing up on the trail seemed a little tough too. Splashed around in the river a few times along the way and jumped in Barton Springs at the end.

Woke up very early again this morning. Weighed in at 156 lbs post-run and post-hydration.

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